Oceanside Dolman-Sleeve Top -free crochet pattern-

Front of the Oceanside Dolman-Sleeve Top

This light weight crochet top is a beauty!  This is a great example of how crochet clothing can look super stylish, and even better, you can make it your own.  The concept of this top is so simple.

Designed By:  Flexible Fashions

Skill Level:  Beginner/Intermediate

Size:  This pattern can be made to fit any size(s). (Instructions include guidelines for taking measurements which are used in the place of conventional sizing guidelines, allowing for the item to be customized for the intended body shape or size.)

Materials:  #10 Cotton Thread; Steel Crochet Hook; Measuring Tape; Scissors; 2 Stitch Markers or Safety Pins; Large Needle For Crochet Thread


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