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The Whirly Top! -a free crochet pattern & Scheepjes Whirl Review

I know… it's been a while since I've posted any patterns. Life's been busy. Between my full time job and family life at home, I've been struggling to keep up with my blogging and pattern writing. I've never stopped crocheting, and have a notebook full of patterns and notes over the past year that I'd love to be able to bring out of hiding. From hats (lots of hats!) to clothing patterns, today… I am bringing you a fun twist (pun intended) on a cute crochet top! A few weeks ago, I was invited by Yarn Canada to review a yarn called “Whirl” by Scheepjes . Immediately, I had to check this out online to see if it was a good fit for me. Scheepjes Whirl is a fingering weight yarn cake that is available in 15 beautiful color variations. I was impressed! I chose “Watermelon Hell Raiser” not just because it has a cool name, but it looks cool too! So I accepted the invite to review . I've been on this crochet home d├ęcor kick lately and have been making pl