Reversible Feathers - Free Crochet Pattern

How cool is this?!  I know that it's hard to get into crochet during the summer, not just with the idea of making slippers and hats, because there's plenty of cute bag designs, home decor, etc that you could make, but I know for me it's lack of time!  My summers are short here up north so I'm outside most of the summer. But... I did make a dreamcatcher this summer and I wish I had seen this first!  Now I won't go remove all of my real feathers from it, but now I want to make another one because these clever crochet feathers are awesome!  They are also easy to make and the color combinations are endless. Also a wonderful scrap yarn project, you could also use these as embellishments for all sorts of other accessories. The pattern is written out and includes photos, no problem!

Designed By: Esperanza and Ana Celia, translated by Gava Crochet Love

Skill Level: Easy

  • 3 mm crochet hook. 
  • Any yarn to match crochet hook size.
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors


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