Farrah's Flower Feet -Barefoot Sandals

Here's yet again, a barefoot sandal pattern!  It is my pattern, do not sell, copy, or sell the finished product online.  However, you may make and sell these at live events such as craft fairs and markets.

I have been selling my work at a local market every Saturday, and so far, barefoot sandals are my #1 seller.  They are fun!  I use bamboo because it is moisture wicking, antibacterial, and it just feels nice!

Designed by:  Fintage for 365 Crochet

Skill Level:  Easy if you can follow instructions

Size:  One Size, fits adult women's 6-10 shoe size.

Crochet Hook:  2.0mm

Yarn:  Mei Mei's Bamboo Yarn in Hollyhock.  Yarn weight: 1 - super fine

Other:  One large sewing needle to sew in ends, 4 wooden beads (optional)

Terms Used: 
Rnd=round or row
Sl st=slip stitch
Sc=single crochet
Hdc=half double crochet
dc=double crochet
tr=treble or triple crochet
picot= chain 3, slip stitch in 1st chain


Ch25.  Sl st to 1st ch to form a ring.

Rnd1:  85sc inside of ring!  (you must pull your stitches in tight together in order to fit 85 sts inside ring, this makes the ring firm) Sl st to beginning st.  Do not turn.

Tip- Try pulling the sts tight evey 5 scs.  

Rnd2:  (Working over previous row of 85sc) 55sc inside ring.  (This makes the ring big and firm) Sl st to beginning st.  Do not turn.

Image1:  sc over the prev rnd
Image2:  shows 10sc
Image3:  Shows 30sc
Image4:  This si what you should have at the end of the rnd, 55sc

Rnd3:  (Sl st, hdc, dc, hdc, sl st) in next 5 sts.  Repeat 11 times.  Sl st to beginning st.  Do not turn. 

Rnd 3

Rnd4:  (Sl st, hdc, 2dc in next st, hdc, sl st) in next 5 sts. Repeat 11 times.  Sl st to beginning st.  Do not turn.

Rnd 4

Rnd5:  (Petal= sl st, sc; hdc-dc-tr in next st, picot, tr-dc-hdc in next st; sc, sl st) in next 6 sts.  Repeat 4 times.   

One petal

(Tie= Ch 201, sl st back 200 sts to 1st ch.)  

One Tie

Make 3 more petals.  Make another tie. 

Two ties

Make 4 more petals.  (Toe= Ch60, sl st to beginning ch to form a ring)  Sl st to beginning st of row.  Fasten off.  
Add beads (Optional)
with beads

Try fun color variations!

black, orange, and yellow


  1. These are beautiful!! Thank u for the free pattern! :) How much do u sell them for at the craft fair? Is size 10 crochet thread similar to this yarn u use?

  2. I sell them for 15$ at the market during the summer:) You could use size 10 crochet thread, the flower would be a little bit smaller, but I think it would still look pretty cute. You may want to adjust the length of the straps, maybe go longer. The Bamboo that I use is a size 1 super fine weight. It is similar to sock yarn.


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