Outdoor Summer (Crochet!) Decor

Summer is almost here, and you've probably already been making plans for your backyard, deck, patio, poolside, balcony, or whatever you call your outdoor space.  From gardening to barbecuing, and all of those accessories in between, did you know that there is plenty of room for crochet?!

The greatest thing about crochet (besides the health benefits), is that the sky is the limit.  You can make things in the colors and textures that YOU want, and use the style that YOU like!  You get to achieve a bit of uniqueness, and bask in the glory of your accomplishment... and bask in the sun... which leads me right into this first free pattern!

My Hammock by JoAnne Leonard

In fact, there are several ways of crocheting up your outdoor seating space, as in these free patterns...


But not to be limited to cozies for your seats, you can also just crochet up a nice outdoor cushion, which is sufficient for adding a splash of color!

Patio Pillows  IMG_2835

That are only two patterns above, but if I added every single free cushion pattern that I love, that would be a whole entire new article!  Now, moving along to your patio table and/or side tables, another fun crochet idea is table decor!  Make a nice placemat, sit your drink down on one of your custom made coasters, and throw a cool crocheted bowl in the center...

Summer Waves Free Crochet Pattern

And what's a nice outdoor space without some nice soft lighting?  Free crochet candle jar patterns! (you will have to translate these, but they look pretty simple going by photos, ever try Google Web page Translate?)

Hekluð krukka - uppskrift waxinelichtjes-web

Speaking of outdoor lighting, you can also add some sparkle and shine during the daytime by adding some pretty suncatchers, wind chimes, mobiles, or mandalas.



Final product image  

And since we've been hanging stuff, a great way to decorate your outdoor space for an event, or just for fun, is adding a pretty bunting!

Hanging things, makes me think of hanging real plants, and you can crochet cute plant holders!  Check out these free patterns!


... and if you combine gardening and crocheting, here's what you get...

  Kneeling Cushion

Whether it be a large or small garden, accent rocks always make a statement.  But these are not limited to gardens, really, you can put them anywhere!

Garden Snowflakes 

After viewing so many great free patterns, I truly cannot wait to get started on my back yard!  Here's some more summery ideas...

 crochet-flowers Mirrored glass display of crochet water lilies - seamless pattern from makemydaycreative.com

Finally, if you want to do something really fun, give yarn bombing a go!  I've seen some very cool yarn bombed trees and fences!  If you want a small yarn bombing project you can just crochet over random things and create an accent piece!

Will you be crocheting outdoors this summer?  What are you going to make?  

Thanks to all of the amazing designers who let this article happen:)


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