Crochet Therapy

I can't imagine my life without crochet.  One hour alone, quiet, crochet hook in hand, a quality yarn, and coffee by my side, it sounds like paradise to me!

I crochet at home, on trips, and on public transit.  I've even taken my crochet to work with me, almost every day, my co-workers would find me on my lunch break, smiling and crocheting to my heart's content.  Of course I got sarcasm, ridicule, and jokes from my co-workers, but all in good nature.

When asked why I crochet, my answer is simple.

"I crochet because it's an escape from the world.  I forget about all things bad, I forget about any other responsibilities, and I set my mind free.  This is where I find inspiration and where my best ideas come to life.  I think, I learn, and I create.  No matter how long that I'm in my happy place, 30 minutes, one hour, all day; I come back to the world in a happier mood."

Relax.  Crochet.  Create.

Why do you crochet?

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  1. I crochet so that I don't kill people:)

    1. I've been saying that about my children, l.o.l. they are now 41 & 38.

  2. I got a t shirt online that says "i crochet because punching people is frowned upon" and as someone with BPD and fibromyalgia, this is actually true!!

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  4. Crocheting has helped me more than I can explain. Stress and anxiety reduction might be number one on my list. A close second is because crocheting gives me that extra happiness boost and has greatly improved my long term happiness level.
    Awesome post!!

  5. My husband has always asked me why I crochet or knit and I tell him every time "it relaxes me". He ask "why are you always grumbling"? It keeps me from yelling at people who say dumb things on the TV show you are watching. He laughs. I crochet and knit because of enjoy the efforts and beauty of the finished product.

  6. I crochet so stupid people can ask..."What you doing?"
    lol ♥️

  7. i am a mom taught me how to crochet when i was 12. I am 59 now...when i crochet now i think of her and the happy times of my childhood.


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