January 31, 2016

Celtic Heart Necklace -free crochet pattern-

Celtic Heart Necklace

All you need is very basic crochet skills to make this pretty crochet necklace, however; you do need a keen eye for detail as you follow a template in order to weave this piece together.  All it is, is a long crocheted chain.  You weave it as per the diagram, and then add a nice lacy border.  That's it!  This simple project is great for Valentine's Day!

Designed By: Jennifer E. Ryan for Red Heart

Skill Level: Easy

  • Red Heart Bella: 1 ball 00010 Middle Blue
  • Crochet Hook: 3.5mm [US E-4]
  • Photocopy of Knot Diagram, sized to measure 8 cm [3”] x 8 cm [3”], foam or cork block, 13 cm [5”] square, 
  • 20-30 sewing pins
  • jewelry pliers
  • ribbon clamps (2)
  • jump rings (2)
  • necklace clasp
  • yarn needle

January 30, 2016

Crossing Stitches Leg Warmers -free crochet pattern-

A great way to keep you legs warm during the cold winter months are legwarmers of course.  Wear them casually around the house or dress them up with a nice pair of shoes and leggings.  you can even wear them as boot cuffs if they fit under your boots, or wear them over top of your boots!  These beauties feature a spiked stitch to add interest to this nice design.  This is a Ravelry download.

Designed By: Frenchie Leigh

Skill Level: Intermediate


  • approx 164yds; 2 skeins Stitch Studio by Nicole Heartfelt Heritage or Lion’s Brand Hometown USA (each skein makes 1 leg warmer; Super Bulky 
  • N/10mm Hook 
  • Yarn needle for weaving ends
Finished Measurements: 6in across and 13.5in tall

January 28, 2016

Preemie/Newborn Valentine Puppy Hat -free crochet pattern-

This wee little Valentine puppy hat is adorable!  The patter is sized from preemie to newborn only, however... I think this would be very easy to adjust to a larger size if needed.  This crochet pattern includes excellent written instructions for the hat and all of the attachments.

Designed By: Cream of the Crop Crochet

Skill Level: Intermediate


  • Extra soft worsted weight yarn; white, red, and black
  • Size 4.00mm (G-6) Crochet Hook
  • Two small black buttons
  • Yarn Needle

January 26, 2016

Overlay Crochet Heart -free crochet pattern-

These little crochet hearts are perfect for Valentine's Day.  There are so many options and ideas for these!  While they look lovely in traditional pinks and reds, this is another great project to use up your scrap yarn.  You could use them to make a garland, coasters, embellishments for hats, scarves, headbands, home decor such as cushions, double them up and make a small pouch, and more!  I especially love the overlay and how the background color peaks through.  The pattern is written very nicely and not only includes a photo tutorial, but a diagram as well.

Designed By: A Bag Full of Crochet

Skill Level: Intermediate


  • Vinnis Colour Nikkim Yarn OR any yarn
  • 4mm hook. OR hook to match yarn being used

January 24, 2016

Argyle Bean bag Ottoman -free crochet pattern-

Argyle Bean Bag Ottoman

I love it!  This cool crochet ottoman uses an argyle pattern to cover a bean bag chair.  I think this would be a great way to reuse an old bean bag and give it new life.  Make it the colors of your choice to match your room decor!

Designed By: Dana Bincer for Red Heart

Skill Level: Intermediate

  • Red Heart Soft: 2 balls each 9870 Deep Sea A and 4420 Guacamole B; 6 balls 9010 Charcoal C; 1 ball 4601 Off White D
  • Crochet Hook: 5mm [US H-8] and 6.5mm [US K-10.5]
  • Stitch marker
  • Yarn needle
  • 21" x 21" x 21" (53.5 x 53.5 x 53.5 cm) bean bag 

January 23, 2016

Queen of Hearts Fingerless Gloves -free crochet pattern-

Check out these sweet heart fingerless gloves!  Make them in time for Valentine's Day, however, they are so cute, you can wear them anytime.  I love how the red hearts stand out against the black. This is a Ravelry download.

Designed By: Recoverista

Skill level: Intermediate


  • One skein of Wibra Nova 5 ply in black, or any other cottony sports weight yarn (110m / 50gr)
  • One skein of Phildar Partner 6 in red, or any similar worsted weight / 10ply yarn (65m / 50gr)
  • 3.5mm or E sized hook
  • scissors

January 20, 2016

New Year Round-Up: 6 Things I want to learn in 2016, and so should you!

Happy New year!  Well... I know I'm a little late, it's well into January, but I've just finished up all of my projects and custom orders from December. So to me, it finally really feels like the new year has just begun!  With a new year, of course, comes resolutions, goals, and aspirations.  Mine always seem to revolve around business, crafting, and most importantly... learning.  There's nothing more self gratifying than learning a new technique or lesson, because it helps you grow and have the ability to share what you've learned with others.

Last year was a very busy year for me outside of crafting, but I did manage to learn a couple new things!  I learned how to crochet cables of all sizes and styles, and I finally overcame my fear of broomstick lace.  (I began broomstick lace by learning how to make a scarf from this amazing video tutorial from b.hooked) Now I need to break my addiction from those techniques (but they're really fun!), and I'm very eager to jump into learning some new things.

This is my personal list of goals for 2016.  If you already know how to do these things, I admire you!

1.  Have you ever been in the craft department to buy a new crochet hook, and see those crazy long hooks with the nub or ball on the end?  Even better... Have you seen the hooks with double ends? Have you asked, "What on earth are those for?!"  Answer: Tunisian Crochet!  I am still quite bothered by the fact that I have not learned how to do this yet!

Tunisian crochet hook : Bamboo : 30 cm (12”) : 4.5 mm (7)  IMGP3746 edit basic stitch

Tunisian Crochet is often called Afghan Crochet. You got it, because it's often used in afghans. But... it can also be used to make just about anything else that you could crochet.  It's a sort of knit and crochet technique combined, where you "cast on" stitches to the hook.  This is why that ball or nub is on the end of the hook, so that the stitches don't fall off!  You work back and forth in rows, basically pulling yarn through the loops. That's all I can tell you, because I haven't done it yet!!!  On the other hand, there's the double ended Tunisian crochet hook; which is for working in rounds and using 2 strands of yarn.  Why do I want to learn this technique? Because I feel obligated to (with blogging about crochet and stuff!), and; I want to make beautiful things using the afghan stitch, knit stitch, and entrelac to name a few!

2.  Ah, pretty lace, beautiful elegant elaborate Hairpin Lace!  All of the blogs and tutorials I've visited and viewed say it's easy... but it's not easy if you don't have a hairpin lace loom!  Step 1: find and purchase a loom!  It looks like this:

Hairpin Lace Kit

So once you have a loom (and a crochet hook of course), you can begin. So from what I can gather, what happens next is; you wrap the yarn around the sides of the hairpin lace loom to create loops which are held together in the center with normal crochet stitches.  Then, the entire piece is removed from the loom and you have these un-worked loops hanging off the sides.  This is where some magic happens and you weave the ends together as one separate piece or join them to another piece.

It still looks pretty scary to me, but I'm sure it's one of those things that if I actually have a loom and try it, I will love it! (Like I love Broomstick Lace!)

3. People say that if you can crochet, then you can Knit, and vice versa.  Ha ha ha ha ha... ha ha.  Not I, says this crocheter!  I tried to knit one time.  My mother tried to show me when I was a kid.  I started making a scarf, and I thought it was all going well, until my scarf kept getting bigger and bigger, and the tension got all weird, and I quit.  But I caught on to crochet quickly and have been hooked ever since.  But just maybe I wasn't ready for knitting at that time.  I liked crocheting too much, that the desire to knit kind of faded away into nothing.  But now, several (MANY) years later, I feel ready!  It may be because when I spend hours every week looking for crochet patterns to post to my blog, I often run into knitting patterns that I absolutely adore!  And also, when people send me messages that they want me to crochet something for them, and then they send me a knit photo or pattern because they don't know the difference. Oh, but I do!

(6) Name: 'Knitting : Cove Hat
Cove Hat by Jo Storie
There really are just some things that look better knitted.  I admit it.  And it hurts.  But I am going to take the bull by its horns this year and learn to knit!  I swear by it!  I have all of the needles, gadgets, and accessories, I have no excuse.

4. Tatting.  I actually just heard of this about 4 years ago and was quite intrigued.  I really do not know much about it at all!  But I do know, that you use a small gadget called a "shuttle" to create some pretty sophisticated looking lace!  I actually came across this while I was looking at crochet masks on Etsy one day.  If you follow my patterns at Firene Designs, you will be familiar with my crochet mask patterns.  When I'm writing or have an idea for a pattern, I do a search, to see if it's already been done.  When I finished Sugar Skull, I did just that, and during my search I came across the most amazing masks!  They were done by tatting, and I made a note to self to learn how to do this!

A Kind Of Pale Jewel - Tatted Lace Mask In Bloom Ankle Corsets - Tatted Lace Accessories
TotusMel on Etsy (my inspiration)

Funny story. So I set out to find a tatting shuttle one day.  I live in a rural area outside of a small city.  So all I have for craft stores is basically Michaels Craft Store, and a hand full of specialty yarn stores.  So I went to Michaels in hopes to find a shuttle.  I'm walking around aimlessly, looking lost, when an employee approaches me and asks me if I need help.  I state that I am looking for a tatting shuttle.  The employee looks at me like I have two heads, and states that Michaels does not sell tattooing supplies.  I think she thought that I was pretty dumb at that moment... so I told her about "tatting" with a shuttle and thread, it's not common!!  We both had a good laugh. But no, no tatting shuttles at Michaels.  So I stared at and ogled the yarn section for two hours and went home. (With several bags full of yarn)  So it may seem, a shuttle could be a difficult thing to find (in my neck of the woods anyway).  I think I'm going to have to purchase one online.

Clover Tatting Shuttles -

5. It's knitting with a hook! It's called Knooking!  Maybe I'm going overboard here, with wanting to learn to knit this year, so this is something that I may wait to learn after I master knitting.  I had never heard of this, until honestly, about three months ago.  It's an entirely new concept, that uses a special crochet hook to make knitted fabric.

Apparently you attach a cord through the hole at the end of the hook.  You slide the stitches down off of the hook and onto the cord, and work into them again for the next row.  Honestly, I am still confused. That's why I feel that I need to learn this, it's bugging me!

Dishcloths made with the Knook

6. Now this is something that I've always wanted to learn to do properly.  Yarn Dyeing sounds like so much fun!  I have heard that it's a lot of work, and can get pretty messy (maybe I will try this when my 4 year old is not home!)  I used to sell crochet stuff at an amazing farmer's market a few year's ago.  The only reason that I'm not there now, is that I moved away!  However, there was a vendor there, an awesome crafty lady who spun, and hand dyed her own yarns.  She also knitted, crocheted, and weaved beautiful items.  I think she also made jewelry!  A Jill of all trades.  Anyway, her yarns are what got me, she had a great eye for color, they were eye catching and quite beautiful!

Paulette's Yarn (Argentic Creations)

Now I don't have my own wool to spin, and I'm not really wanting to spin yarn.  And spinning wheels are really expensive!  But I do want to get my hands on some raw fibers so that I can dye them!

Along with yarn dyeing, hand painting yarn is something of interest as well. If I have time, maybe... that could be 7 things to learn this year :)

Have you done any of those things listed above?  I'd love to hear from you!  If you're interested in writing a guest post about any of those techniques, shoot me a message!  Any time... this year.

And Happy New Year!

Big & Cozy Floor Pillow -free crochet pattern-

Big & Cozy Floor Pillow

I love crochet when it coincides with home decor!  Check out this big chunky pillow pattern from Red Heart.  Using a bulky yarn and large hook, it works up quickly and makes a nice accent for your home!  What's great about making your own decor, is that you can make it any color you want to match the rest of your room. This pattern requires a lot of sewing and assembling, but I'm guilty of using my old outdated pillows as the form for my new crochet ones!

Designed By: Jessie Rayot

Skill Level: Easy

  • Red Heart Grande: 12 balls 402 Foggy
  • Crochet Hook: 11.5mm [US P-16]
  • Large plastic canvas needle
  • 1¾ yd (1.6 m) purchased fabric
  • sewing needle (or optional sewing machine) and matching thread
  • large bag of polyester fiberfill
  • straight pins

January 18, 2016

Half -n- Half Slouch -free crochet pattern-

Half & Half Slouch Crochet Hat  |  Free Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern by Little Monkeys Crochet

The ever so popular slouchy hat has taken over the crochet world by storm these past few years, and this simple hat is a great pattern to add to your collection.  Instead of working in the round, you work back and forth in rows and the hat is cinched together in the end.  One side of the hat uses basic single crochet stitches to give the ribbed effect and works into a nice stitch pattern as you work up the opposite side of the hat!

Designed By: Little Monkeys Crochet

Skill Level: Easy

  • I hook (5.50mm)
  • About 190 yards of Lion Brand Heartland* (Sample color: Mammoth Cave); #4 worsted; 100% Acrylic; 5oz/142g (251yd/230m)
  • Yarn Needle
Size: One Size Fits Most (Preteen - Adult Woman).

January 15, 2016

Double Layered Braided Cowl -free crochet pattern-

You will be sure to catch attention with this bold and beautiful braided crochet cowl!  If you know your basic crochet stitches, then you'll have no problem completing this project.  The pattern includes a photo tutorial which will help you assemble the braids, and what's also very cool, is the button fastening on the back that closes the cowl!

Designed By: Shehnaaz Afzar

Skill Level: Easy

  • Worsted weight yarn in color Linen from Lion Brand Vanna's Choice. 
  • Hook- H (5 mm)
  • Yarn needle to weave in the ends
  • One 1 inch wooden button
Size: One size fits all women and teens.

January 13, 2016

My Grey Sock Boot Cuffs -free crochet pattern-

I was finishing up a project one day that used these yarns, and didn't really have enough left to make anything big.  Then I went on to make some boot cuffs using a different color and pattern for a friend... and while making those boot cuffs, the idea for these boot cuffs popped into my head.  I've included 3 different sizes, depending on where you will wear them on your legs, as boots have different heights. The small (12 inch) size is the standard size. I really like the traditional grey/red/white colors that you often see in knit socks (and monkeys) so here it is!

Designed By: Farrah Hodgson

Skill Level: Easy


  • less than 1/4  ball Grey worsted (4) yarn (Craftsmart from Micheals was used)
  • small amount of Aran (off white) worsted (4) yarn (Red Heart Super Saver was used)
  • small amount of dark red worsted (4) yarn (Scrap yarn was used, unsure of brand, but any will do)
  • Crochet hook size 4.00mm

Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large (size adjustments in parenthesis)

Finished Measurements: Height= approx. 6"; Width= approx. (12", 13", 14") 

Gauge: 16sc and 16 rows = 4 inches

Stitches Used: Ch=Chain; Sl st= Slip Stitch; Sc=Single Crochet; Dc=Double Crochet; Fpdc=Front post double crochet; Bpdc=Back Post Double Crochet


Ch  (48) 54 (60), sl st in 1st ch to form a loop. (careful not to twist)

Rnd 1 (Right Side): Ch1, do not turn; sc in same st as join, skip 2 ch, 5dc in next ch, skip 2 ch, (sc in next ch, skip next 2 ch, 5dc in next ch, skip next 2 ch) (7) 8 (9) times, sl st in 1st sc to join.

Rnd 2 (wrong side): Ch3, turn; 2dc in same st as join, skip 2 dc, (sc in next dc, skip 2dc, 5dc in next sc, skip 2 dc), (7) 8 (9) times, skip 2 dc, sc in next dc, skip last 2 dc, 2dc in same st as beginning ch3, sl st in 1st dc to join.

Rnd 3: Ch1, turn; sc in same st, skip 2 dc, 5dc in next sc, skip 2 dc, (sc in next dc, skip 2 dc, 5dc in next sc, skip 2 dc) (7) 8 (9) times, sl st in 1st sc to join.

Rnd 4: Repeat rnd 2

Rnd 5: Repeat rnd 3

Rnd 6: Repeat rnd 2

Rnd 7: Repeat rnd 3

Rnd 8: Repeat rnd 2

Rnd 9: Ch1, turn; sc in same st as join, sc in next st, (hdc in next 3 sts, sc in next 3 sts) (7) 8 (9) times, hdc in last 3 sts, sl st in 1st sc to join.

Rnd 10: Ch1, turn; skip joining st, (sc in next st, dc in next st) (23), 26 (29) times, sl st in 1st sc to join.

Rnd 11: Ch1, turn; (fpdc over next dc, sc in next sc) (23) 26 (29) times, sl st in 1st st to join.

Rnd 12: Ch1, turn; (sc in next sc, bpdc over next post st) (23) 26 (29) times,  sl st in 1st st sc to join.

Rnd 13: Attach WHITE, fasten off GREY; repeat rnd 11.

Rnd 14: Repeat rnd 12

Rnd 15: Attach RED, drop WHITE; repeat rnd 11

Rnd 16: Repeat rnd 12

Rnd 17: Pick up WHITE, fasten off RED; rep rnd 11

Rnd 18: Repeat rnd 12. Fasten off. Sew n ends.

Make another one!

January 12, 2016

Starburst Granny Square Arm Warmers -free crochet pattern-

Starburst Granny Square Arm Warmers - Make these beautiful and comfy arm warmers with this free crochet pattern. These pretty arm warmers are very fun to make!

I love granny squares and I love this crochet pattern!  Arm warmers (or fingerless gloves, mittens, glittens, whatever you want to call them) have become a popular winter fashion accessory mostly due to the cell phone age.  Freeing up your fingers to perform tasks limited by mittens and gloves can look very stylish!

Designed By: whistle & Ivy

Skill Level: Easy


  • Size H Crochet Hook
  •  Medium Weight Yarn in Three Colors

January 11, 2016

Monkey Lunch Box -free crochet pattern-

Monkey Lunch Box - Free Crochet Pattern

I feel like posting a really cute pattern today!  This crochet monkey lunch box is sure to bring smiles to everyone, including kids, teachers, yourself, and maybe even your co-workers!  If you have no need for a lunch box, this also makes a great carrying case for storing anything you want.

Designed By: Melody's Makings

Skill Level: Easy


  • Approximately 220-235 Yards of Worsted (4) Weight Yarn (Approx. 200-210 Base Color 1, Approx. 20-25 Accent Color 2). 
  • Approx. 5- 10 Yards of Matching Fun Fur (OPTIONAL)
  •  Crochet Hook: Size 5.5 mm (I/9)
  • 2 5/8” Buttons for Eyes 
  • Yarn or Tapestry Needle

January 10, 2016

French Mini Peacock Feather -free crochet pattern-

These colorful little crochet peacock feathers are perfect for use as jewelry, such as earrings, and necklaces. You could probably even make an amazing headpiece with these!  Use them for whatever you want and tie them into whichever project you wish, because they are so pretty! This is a Ravelry download.

Designed By: Christa Veenstra

Skill Level: Easy


  • Hook: 2.5 mm / C 
  • Tapestry needle: to weave in the ends 
  • Yarn brand and weight: Scheepjes mercerized cotton, sport / 5 ply (12 wpi)
Size: Motif size: approx. 4 x 5 cm / 1.6 x 2 inch

January 9, 2016

Bulky Accidental Spiral Slouch -free crochet pattern-

This really cool crochet slouch hat also has a worsted weight version, but personally, I love this version the most! (the other one is still pretty cool, check it out) I love the large texture and how the post stitches change direction, giving the spiral effect. This pattern uses bulky yarn, which also makes it work up quickly.

Designed By: AG Handmades

Skill Level: Easy


  • 2 skeins Bulky weight yarn (Chunky/ 12ply)
  • 6mm hook
  • 5.5mm hook
  • yarn needle

January 8, 2016

Sparkler Mitts -free crochet pattern-

Sparkler Mitts - free crochet pattern by Knitting and so on

Do you want to try something fun this new year?  Check out these awesome fingerless mitts!  The designer has included everything you need in this tutorial like pattern, from photos, videos, and diagrams.  This may not be a beginner or easy pattern, but with basic knowledge of your stitches you should have no problem.  These mitts are so cool!

Designed By: Knitting and so on

Skill Level: Intermediate

  • 3mm crochet hook
  • about 40 to 45 grams of fingering weight yarn
  • 4 removable stitch markers
  • a tapestry needle to weave in ends

January 6, 2016

Legwarmer Slippers -free crochet pattern-

These crochet legwarmer boot style slippers are a result of a custom order that I recently made for a customer.  I was sent a random photo of some slippers that were posted on a local buy/sell web site, so "someone" has made these before.  But from which pattern?  Did they invent them?  What materials did they use?  I do not know!  A google image search brought me this one and only photo which has since been removed.  ( I assume they sold them!)  So... began the thought process.  The slipper bottoms look a lot like the bottoms of of my short crocodile boots, so I rolled with that.  The tops, are really easy, just basically rows of dc stitches.  The tops are attached to the bottoms as you work from top to bottom, with no sewing required! But as simple as they are, they are quite cute and comfy!  Enjoy!

Designed By: Farrah Hodgson

Skill Level: Easy

  • Craftsmart Value (from Micheals, similar to Red Heart Super Saver) Worsted (4) 364 yds/333m; 7oz/198g; 1 ball grey.
  • Bernat Super Value, Worsted (4), approx 389m (426 yds), 1 ball Grey Ragg
  • Size 5.0mm (H) crochet hook - for slipper bottoms
  • Size 7.0mm crochet hook - for legwarmer cuff
  • Yarn Needle to sew in ends

Size: Women's medium foot, US shoe size 7-9

**Special note: I've made these (crocodile stitch version) with a size 4.00mm hook (slipper bottoms) and they fit my mother in law, who wears a size 5.5 shoe :)**

Finished Measurements: Length of sole= approx. 10 inches; length of legwarmer= approx. 9 inches

Gauge: 14sc and 14 rows = 4 inches

Stitches Used:
ch - chain
sl st - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
Crab St (Rsc)
tog - together

-----THE PATTERN-----



Ch 8
Row 1: 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 5 chs, 2 sc in last ch. (9 sc)

The rest of the rows are through the back loops of the sts only.

Row 2: Ch1, turn; 2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next 7 sc, 2 sc in last sc, ch 1, turn. (11 sc)
Row 3: Ch1, turn; 2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next 9 sc, 2 sc in last sc. (13 sc)
Rows 4 to 18: Ch1, turn; 1 sc in each st, (13 sc)
Row 19: Ch1, turn; sc2tog, sc in next 9 sc, sc2tog. (11 sc)
Rows 20 to 31: Ch1, turn; sc in next 11 sc.
Row 32: Ch1, turn; sc2tog, 1 sc in next 7 sc, sc2tog. (9 sc)
Row 33: Ch1, turn; (sc2tog) twice, sc in next sc, (sc2tog) twice. (5sc)
Row 34: Ch1, turn; sc2tog, 1 sc in next sc, sc2tog. (3 sc)

Next, you are going to crochet all around the sole of the slipper.

-Ch1, turn; Slip stitch in first sc, (sl st- ch 1- sc) in next st, 1 sc in next st.
-Make 1 sc at the end of each row along side of sole (you now have 36 sc).
-Place 7 sc across the back of the starting chain, ( you now have 43 sc).
-Place 1 sc at the end of each row along other side of sole (you now have 77 sc).
-1 sc in first slip stitch you made at the beginning, sl st to join to the starting sc. (Total = 78 sc)

Body of Slipper:

Row 1: Ch1, turn; Through the back loops only, 1 sc in each sc to end of Row, sl st to join. (78 sc)

Rest of the rows are through both loops.

Rows 2-4: Ch1, turn; 1 sc in each st, sl st to join. (78 sts)

Row 5: Ch1, turn; 1 sc in 34 sc, (sc2tog) twice, sc in next 2 sc, (sc2tog) twice, 1 sc in 34 sc, sl st to join. (74 sts)

Row 6: Ch1, turn; 1 sc in 32 sc, (sc2tog) twice, 1 sc in next 2 sc, (sc2tog) twice, 1 sc in 32 sc, sl st to join. (70 sts)

Row 7: Ch1, turn; 1 sc in 28 sc, (sc2tog, sc in next 2 sc) 3 times, 2 sc tog, 1 sc in next 28 sts, sl st to join. (66 sts)

Row 8: Ch1, turn; 1 sc in first sc, sc2tog, 1 sc in 25 sc, skip next sc, dc2tog four times, skip next sc, 1 sc in next 25 sc, sc2tog, 1 sc in last sc, sl st to join. (58 sts)

Row 9: Ch1, turn; 1 sc in first sc, sc2tog, 1 sc in 21 sc, skip next sc, dc2tog four times, skip next sc, 1 sc in next 21 sc, sc2tog, 1 sc in last sc, sl st to join, ch 1, do not turn. (48 sts)

Row 10: Ch1, turn; 1 sc in 20 sc, skip next sc, dc2tog four times, skip next sc,1 sc in next 20 sc, sl st to join.(44 sts)

Row 11: Ch1, turn; 1 sc in 17 sc, skip next sc, dc2tog four times, skip next sc, 1 sc in next 17 sc, sl st to join. (36 sts)

Row 12: Ch1, turn; 1 sc in 16 sc, skip next st, dc2tog twice, skip next st, 1 sc in next 16 sc, sl st to join. (34 sts)

Rows 13-17: Ch1, turn, 1 sc in each st, sl st to join. (34 sc) 

Legwarmer Cuff: (working from top to bottom of cuff)


Leave a LONG tail approximately 3 1/2 arm lengths (you will use it later)

Foundation Chain 34, sl st in 1st st to form a loop. (careful not to twist)

Row 1: Ch2, turn; dc in each next 34 sts, sl st in 1st dc to join. (34dc)

Rows 2-9: Ch2, turn; dc in each next 34 dc, sl st in 1st dc to join. (34dc)

Row 10 (JOINING TO SLIPPER): Ch2, turn; (turn work so that you are working from the outside of the legwarmer) Connect legwarmer to slipper by crocheting through both the last round of legwarmer (each st) and every other st from the last round of the slipper. sl st in 1st dc to join. (34dc)

ex: Ch2, turn; 1dc through next dc of legwarmer AND 1st sc of slipper, dc in next dc of legwarmer, skip next sc of slipper, 1dc through both next dc of legwarmer AND next sc of slipper... etc.

Rnds 11-14: Ch2, turn; dc in each next 34 sts, sl st in 1st dc to join. (34dc)

Fasten off!

Top border:


Draw up a loop from the beginning log tail where you left off. Work a Crab Stitch (Rsc) all of the way around (right side facing). Sl st in 1st st to join. Fasten off.

Sew in ends.

make 2!

January 5, 2016

Comfy Squares Textured Cowl -free crochet pattern-

'Tis another season of warm textured everything!  Here's a great crochet cowl pattern that uses simplicity to create something beautiful!  Ribbing, simple crochet stitches, a nice lightweight yarn, and a solid color, make this cowl stand bold.

Designed By: Little Monkeys Crochet

Skill Level: Easy

  • Hook: H (5.0mm)
  • Yarn: 420-430 yards of #3 (light) yarn 
  • Yarn needle

January 4, 2016

Diana Newsboy Hat -free crochet pattern-

Diana Hat pattern by DivineDebris.com

I love a great newsboy hat, and I love this particular crochet pattern.  The newsboy seems to be a timeless style of hat that looks good on everyone!  This pattern also uses bulky yarn, which makes it work up quickly.

Designed By: Divine Debris

Skill Level: Easy

  • US K (6.50 mm) Crochet Hook
  • 3.5 – 3.8 oz/ 110 – 117 yards bulky/ size 5 yarn
  • I used Loops and Threads’ Charisma in Dark Purple and Taupe
  • Needle to weave your ends in

January 2, 2016

Snow Drops Reversible Cowl -free crochet pattern-

Snow Drops Reversible Cowl - FREE crochet pattern on Mooglyblog.com!

What a great idea!  This beautiful crochet cowl uses simple double crochet stitches on one side, and elegant lace on the other.  By crocheting them together, the result is a reversible, extra thick, lovely cowl with interesting texture!

Designed By: Tamara Kelly (Moogly Blog)

Skill Level: Easy

  • US-I, 5.5 mm hook
  • 500 yds LB Collection Superwash Merino; Color A – Ivory: 1 ball – 200 yds; Color B – Eggplant: 1 ball – 300 yds
  • Stitch markers
Finished Size: 7.5″ wide x 17″ wide laid flat (34″ around)