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Evie Berry Mittens - free crochet pattern-

Shown on a 6 year old Shown on a 10 year old  A crochet mitten pattern for kids aged 6-10ish! There's a reason why I'm so excited about this, it's because I searched tirelessly for a free mitten pattern that would fit a 6 year old girl... and couldn't find one. Okay, well I did find two patterns, but they were boring, bland and a bit confusing. It seems there are so many free patterns for babies, toddlers and adults, but we skip an entire age range. So here I am, I wrote my own. Luckily I have a 6 and a 10 year old available to try them on and test them out! Now these will probably fit a child maybe a year younger and maybe a year older, that's why I say 6-10ish. These will almost fit myself, just slightly small. If I added a few more rounds here and there, I could make them adult size.  That all being said, there are ways you can change this pattern up a bit if you'd like to. I used two colors and made use of the Berry Stitch. But, you can just use one color th

I've been away from my blog for too long :(

 What a crazy time it's been! I hope everyone is doing ok and making the best of the situations we are in. Some of you may have had the time to sit back and crochet (you are so lucky!), but some like me, may be flat our busy with other work. I've never really stopped crocheting or designing, just scaled back. I've been having a hard time finding "time" to spend writing and editing. I work in the home decorating and paint industry as a market manager full time and it's been a wild ride these past two years. Who knew that a pandemic would cause a construction and home reno boom?!  I'm tired. I'm exhausted. My mental health has taken a hit.  I've been reflecting on the things that I love, that have unfortunately been put on hold or been non prioritized as I work my ass off to make other people rich and happy. Such is life.  Every year at Christmas time, I crochet something for my employees as a gift. I almost didn't do it this year! Until a couple