Crochet Inspiration on the Runway, Spring 2016

What an exciting year for crochet!  

Crochet can be found all over the runway anywhere from fashion accessories, accents, highlights, to the entire outfit.  I've literally poured over thousands of images from fashion shows and designer collections these past few weeks, although it was a bit exhausting, it left me quite ecstatic because I love anything crochet, and it is wonderful to see the attention that it is getting, especially this season!

I am seeing granny squares, mesh, floral squares and motifs, striping, edging, fringes, and crochet lace, from not well known designers and high fashion labels alike!

I would have to label the overall theme for this season as 70's retro.  Many designers have opted for this bohemian styled carefree look and it was very interesting to see how each one portrayed it as their own.

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3.1 Phillip Lim (Resort 2016)
Check out those V-Stitches! This halter top uses this common stitch throughout the body and the ruffled edging appears to be simple single crochet stitches.

A.L.C. (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Crochet dresses!  That is definitely the granny stitch you see in the first dress; the second one... yes, that's chevron crochet!

Baja East (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
What's better than a mullet?  Crochet mesh clothing of course...  (seriously, every single model had a mullet!) The designer uses the same crochet mesh pattern and shiny yarn to create a crop top, shawl, and even pants... chain 5, sl st in next ch 5 space... sort of goes like that...

BCBG Max Azria (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Crochet skirts are popular this season!  You can make this one, I know you can!  I see some shells, mesh, and chevron.

Beaufille (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
This one actually looks super easy to re-create!  If you zoom in close enough, you can see that is is entirely made of double crochet stitches, worked vertically.

Betsey Johnson (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Those mesh parts of these wild dresses are crocheted.  Use a large hook and thin yarn and you can create this look as well!

Bottega Veneta (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
These pieces appear to use a mix of actual crochet along with machine lace.  The circular motifs can easily be crocheted in the round and ended off with picots to create a straight edge.

Burberry (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
My favorite designer, I was so happy to see some crochet in their collection this year! Black floral crochet motifs and lace complete these outfits.

Creatures of the Wind (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Crochet vests always look amazing!  

Cynthia Rowley (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Crochet tunic and sweater.  Crochet beachy summer wear!

Delpozo (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Flower Power!  Large crochet flowers are the highlight of these dresses. And check out that vest!

Dolce & Gabbana (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Woah Crochet!  Floral motifs along with the pineapple motif decorate dresses, crochet handbags, and a full crochet outfit highlight this spring show!

Elie Tahari (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Another crochet skirt, I am excited!

Erdem (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
A lace dress combined with a crochet skirt, and a lace dress with crochet edging and detail!

Gucci (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
The designer dabbled a little bit into crochet to create a big crochet piece!

Iro (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Mesh crochet top, seems to be popular this year!

Lela Rose (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
I love seeing entire crochet outfits like this circular inspired dress.

Libertine (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Yes, those are crochet pants!  

Mira Mikati (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Granny Squares are "in" and this model is wearing one as a shawl!

Novis (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
The same shell design is used in a top and skirt!

Ohne Titel (Resort 2016)
The same stitch work is used to create skirts and dresses, as well as a top and bodysuit!

Orley (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
This fabulous crochet dress!

Orley (Resort 2016)
The designer also uses crochet in the Resort collection!

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
A large crochet shawl and a crochet top with matching shorts for spring.

Pringle of Scotland (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Wow, that's a lot of work!  Check out those dresses!

Proenza Schouler (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Crochet mesh appears to be a big deal this year!

Proenza Schouler (Resort 2016)
Mesh and granny stitches, you can make anything!

Public School (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Mix up crochet and fabric, get a funky sweater!

Rebecca Taylor (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Crochet tops always look romantic and elegant.

Ryan Lo (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Grab your ruffle yarn!  This crochet piece begins with normal yarn and transforms into a huge ruffle effect with ruffle yarn!

Sibling (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
I love this label!  Last year they used crochet in these giant dresses and the models sported ultra ginormous bows in their hair!  I am happy to see them use crochet again this year! I am always interested to see what they come up with!  Full dresses, and a mix of plastic with crochet edging!

Suno (Resort 2016)
Back to conservative crochet with this basic sweater with crochet edging.

Tess Giberson (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
No stranger to crochet, it is used again this year to create lovely dresses and a beautiful white sweater.

Tess Giberson (Resort 2016)
And used again! Lovely crochet detail in those tops, and the dresses.. wow!

Tommy Hilfiger (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
If you've been following my blog, you probably have seen my little ode to Hilfiger recently.  His collection is outstandingly full of crochet garments that I'm only going to post a few here... but check out: Tommy "Crochet" Hilfiger" to see more.

Trina Turk (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Mesh and fringes are here this bohemian summer.

TSE (Resort 2016)
This awesome sweater is crocheted.

Ulla Johnson (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Perfectly fringed pieces, these outfits are adorable!

Valentino (Spring 2016 Couture)
Valentino jumped on the crochet bandwagon this season as well! Crochet parts combined with fabric make great accents.

Vanessa Bruno (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
More crochet accents and stripe work give these garments the perfect retro vibe!

Veronique Branquinho (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
This is taking fringes very seriously!

Victor Alfaro (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
Crochet mesh tops and a popcorn stitch vest!

Vika Gazinskaya (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
For this designer, it's all about those details. Crochet embellishments are used as edging and pockets, and a bit of floral scenery.

Zac Posen (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
I had to zoom in carefully on this lace outfit, and low and behold... it is crocheted!

Zadig & Voltaire (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
More mesh sweaters, easy to work up!

Zimmermann (Spring 2016 Ready to Wear)
A mix of machine lace and crochet, save time on crochet, but makes a lovely dress!

There it is!  I may have missed some along the way, but at this point, I don't care!  Do you know of one I missed?  Let me know!


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