Fast Blanket Mittens -free crochet pattern-

Do you need mittens, and need them NOW?!  Well, if you have about an hour of time, a ball of super bulky yarn and a big hook, you can have new mittens today!  These mittens work up super quickly, and they are very cozy and warm!  I've been using a lot of this type of blanket yarn lately, for accent pillows for my home and I love working with it.  There's a certain gratification that comes with finishing a project quickly and admiring your work.  I fell in love with this yarn so much for its softness and ease, that I wanted mittens of the same texture.  This is an incredibly easy pattern, only requires one ball of yarn (which will actually make more than one pair of mittens), there are only 21 rounds, and requires basic crochet knowledge.

These mittens also make great gifts! (Christmas is around the corner), and these are a wonderful item to make for charity, as they work up so fast, that you could make several pairs in a day.  To sum it up, they are kind of a "super mitten".

Designed By: Farrah Hodgson aka Firene

Skill Level: Easy

  • Size 6 Super Bulky Yarn; Bernat Blanket Yarn, 1 ball Vintage White; 10.5oz/300g; 220 yds/201m; (one ball will make many pairs of mittens)
  • Size 8.0mm crochet hook
  • Stitch Marker (optional)

Size: Women's average hand, easy to adjust.

Finished Measurements:width 4"; length (without cuff) 9`, cuff 2.5"

Stitches Used: Ch=Chain; Sc=Single Crochet; sc2tog=Single crochet next 2 stitches together to decrease; Sl st=Slip Stitch

Additional Skills: Know how to crochet in the round without joining.


Cuff - worked back and forth in rows

Row 1: Ch 6; sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 4 chs. (5sc)

Rows 2-15: Ch1, turn; (working in back loops only) sc in next 5 sts.

Row 16: Ch1, turn; line up row 1 under row 15, and join rows, by working a sc in the back loop of row 15 and through the matching ch of row 1, through both next 5 sts. Turn inside out!


Hand - Work in CONTINUOUS rounds, do not join, use a stitch marker (optional) at the end of each round.

Rnd 1: Evenly work 16 sc around the end of cuff rows 1-16.

Rnd 2: sc in next 16 sts.

Rnd 3: sc in next 7 sts, (2sc in next st) twice, sc in next 7 sts.

Rnds 4 and 5: sc in next 18 sts.

Rnd 6: sc in next 8 sts, (2sc in next st) twice, sc in next 8 sts.

Rnds 7 and 8: sc in next 20 sts.

Rnd 9: sc in next 8 sts, (thumb opening) ch2- skip next 4 sc, sc in next 8 sts.

Rnd 10: sc in next 8 sts, sc in next 2 chs, sc in next 8 sts. (18sc)

Rnds 11-16: sc in next 18 sts. **Note: If you need a longer or shorter mitten, delete or add a row here)

Rnd 17: (sc2tog, sc in next 7 sts) twice. (16sc)

Rnd 18: (sc2tog, sc in next 6 sts) twice. (14sc)

Rnd 19: (sc2tog, sc in next 5 sts) twice. (12sc)

Rnd 20: (sc2tog, sc in next 4 sts) twice. (10sc)

Rnd 21: (sc2tog) 5 times, sl st in next st. (5sc) Fasten off, leaving a tail long enough to sew up tip of mitten.

Thumb- worked in continuous rounds.

Rnd 1: Attach yarn to the 1st (of the 4) skipped sc of thumb opening with a sl st; 

(working right side facing) sc in next 3 skipped sts, work a sc2tog through the next worked st of hand Row 9 (in the corner) and the next ch of hand Row 9 (this closes a gap); sc in bottom of next ch of Row 9, work a sc2tog through the next worked st of hand Row 9 and the very first skipped st (where you joined). (6sc)

**Note: If you have large thumbs, you can add a st or 2 in the first thumb row, by adding an sc in any (or both) corners where the sc2tog stitches are instead of using sc2tog.  This will make 7 or 8 sc.

Rnds 2-5: sc in next 6 sts.

Rnd 6: (sc2tog) three times, sl st in next st. (3sc) Fasten off and sew in end.

Weave in all ends.  Make another one!


There you have it!  I would love to show you them on both of my hands, but I need one free to take the photo!  But I do love them!


Please do not copy, sell, or re-distribute this pattern! Copyright Firene Designs, 2015. You may share this pattern via socail media and use the main photo for sharing purposes.  Selling of the finished product is encouraged :)


  1. I love these! Thank you for posting this pattern! :). Now I know what to make with some leftover Bernat Baby Blanket yarn I have. :)

    1. Thank you! They are quite fun to make, because they are so quick :)

  2. These are just great. Just what my teenager wanted. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Those mittens looks so cute! Warm and comfy as well, of course :) And I would really like to use that amazing pattern in knitting something else. What about the scarf in match for those mittens?

  4. Brilliant! These are really handy and so nice to feel.

  5. Great pattern. I made navy ones for my mom and she loved them. Thanks!


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