Hippy Feet Barefoot Sandal - BABY VERSION

Copyright Fintage/365 Crochet.

There's nothing sweeter than matching mommy and baby feet!  Get the adult version here.

Size:  Newborn and 6-24 months

Skill Level:  Easy

Hook:  1.25mm
Yarn:  Mei Mei's Bamboo Thread (Super Fine) 

Stitches Used:
sl st=slip stitch
sc=single crochet
hdc=half double crochet
dc=double crochet
tr=treble or triple crochet
rnd=round or row

Ch 6.  Sl st in 1st ch to form a loop

Rnd 1:  12 sc in loop.  Do not turn.
Rnd 2:   Sl st in next st.  *Ch 4, skip next st, sl st in next st*  Repeat 6 times (6 petals made)  Do not turn.
Rnd 3:  *5 sc in ch4 space.*  Repeat 6 times.  Do not turn.
Rnd 4:  Sl st in next 3 sts.  *Ch 7, skip next 4 sts.Sl st in next st.* Repeat 6 times.  Do not turn.
Rnd 5:  *9 sc in ch 7 space*  Repeat 6 times.  Do not turn.

You are now working the sides with the ties.

Rnd 1:  Sl st in next 3 sts of prev row.  Ch 6.  Skip next 3 sts, sl st in next st.  Turn.
Rnd 2:  8 sc in ch 6 space.  Sl st in corner between petals.  Ch1.  Turn.
Rnd 3:  Skip 1st st.  Sl st in next 4 sts.
Rnd 4:  Ch 75.  Sl st in 2nd ch from hook.  Sl st in next 74 sts.  Sl st in next 4 sts on petal tip.  Sl st in corner.  Fasten off!  One tie is made.

Now you are working the tie on the opposite side.  Leave one petal between the sides.  Attach yarn to bottom of next petal.  See photo.

Repeat directions for the first side.

Now you are working the toe.  For a newborn size, end here.  Use the bottom petal for the toe.  For 6 months +, as follows:

Attach yarn to side of bottom petal.  See photo.

Rnd 1:  Sl st in next 3 sts.  Ch 15, skip next 3 sts.  Sl st in next st.  Turn.
Rnd 2:   sc 20 inside ch 15 space.  Sl st in next 3 sts.  Fasten off.  Sew in ends.

Good luck keeping them on your baby's feet!  I have to tie them in a knot for my little girl to keep them on!  But she sure loves to play with them!

Is this pattern worth anything to you?  Donations are greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


  1. Great pattern. So cute. I am workin them up now. Would you mind if I shared these on my blog? I will link back to you, then share my link with you. Thank you!

  2. Cool. Thank you. Here's my link:



  3. I love these! Thanks for sharing! Super cute. I ended up adding a little loop for my newborn as the regular petal loop looked uncomfortable btwn her toes.


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