A Crochet Headboard - A look inside my bedroom!

This is where I sleep. I'm inviting you into my personal space today because I want to show you my headboard!  I'm so excited about this because my headboard is of course... crocheted.

I gave my room a makeover a few months ago, and I'm still looking for some pieces to complete the look, like a cool chandelier, and some type of large artwork... I haven't found anything "perfect for me" yet, but it will come in time, I'm sure. My headboard used to be on that list.  I originally wanted a big white upholstered headboard.  I love the way they look, so classy, sophisticated and cozy.  And they're really expensive!  After already dropping a pile of $$$ on decorating the rest of my new house and developing my yard, a big lavish headboard was just not in my budget. And I'm cheap? No.... not cheap, I prefer to save my money for fun and yarn (and landscaping)!  Most of my home decor is second hand finds, that I either re-finish or things that I actually build myself, I love that sort of thing!

Now back to the headboard!  It is an ugly, pressed board, fake wood, with an ugly faux granite accent, queen sized headboard.  It was given to me.  Someone moved away and left it at someone's house, and that someone asked me if I wanted it, and I said yes!  I've had it for a few years, and I was really tired of it.  If I couldn't get rid of it and get a new one, I was going to give it a new life!

ugly headboard before the makeover

So I made a crochet slipcover for my ugly headboard.  Now I love it! I used the Bernat Blanket yarn, the super bulky soft yarn in Vintage White.  It's the perfect "off-white" color for my project.

If I were to write a pattern for it... well here it is....

Skill Level: Easy


  • 5 balls of Bernat Blanket Yarn, Super Bulky (6) in Vintage White
  • Size 8.00mm (L/11) crochet hook
  • Queen Sized Headboard
Size: Custom, depends on size and width of headboard


Ch 114

Row 1: Hdc in 3rd ch from hook, hdc in each next 111 chs. (112 hdc)
Rows 2-50: Hdc in each hdc. (112 hdc) Fasten off.

Make TWO panels.


Rnd 1: Place one panel on top of the other panel, begin at the bottom, starting about 4 inches in and along the bottom side, sc through both sides, and evenly work a sc at the end of each row (through both panels) along sides, and across the top, and down the other side, and under and over about another 4 inches (to match 1st side).  

Rnd 2: Ch 1, (working backwards) Work a Rsc (also known as crab st) through each sc around. Fasten off, weave in ends.

That's it!  Pretty simple huh?

I love how the crab stitch (I prefer to call it that) looks along the border of the headboard, it finishes it off nicely.  If I wanted to get real fancy, I could add some studs or something, but I like it the way it is now.  My room is already pretty busy with my feature wall, so the white headboard really gives it a pop of solid color and brightens up the room.  If I ever get sick of it, I can just take the slip cover off and make another one, but let's hope that I love this one for a long time!  Oh yeah, and it's easy to wash too!

You can see where I sat on the bed :D

Now about sizing... what I did may not work for you!  If you want to try your own, just remember that your headboard may be a different size and width.  But that's not a big problem,just measure it.  Remember that you will want the slip cover to stretch, you don't want any creases or bulkiness, so measure it, keeping stretch in mind.  I actually had to crochet about 10 rows first, but only went halfway across my headboard and stretched it out as far as it would go.  Once I got a a good count and gauge set, I multiplied my half by 2 and started from the beginning.  I came out with 112 hdc across by 50 rows for each side.  My headboard is about 2 inches wide.

Overall, this took me only two days to complete, but I am admittedly OCD, I worked on it like mad woman!

Would you crochet something like this?! 

WAIT!  Check out my lampshade, I made that too :)


  1. Love the idea!
    Hey is there a pattern for the lampshade?

    1. Thanks Adrienne! I used the motif from the Asphyxiation necklace for the lampshade. You can find it at http://www.365crochet.com/2013/02/asphyxiation-necklace-crochet-pattern.html


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