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Wigs!  They have quite a history, going back to ancient times when they were used as protection against the sun and for cultural practices.  But even back then, they were still highly regarded as a fashion accessory.  The Egyptians used them for practical use but also to show stature in their community.  Fast forward many years, and the wig explodes into the fashion scene thanks to the royal patronage.  They were wild, heavy, uncomfortable, but for the sake of fashion, they were a must have!  Anyone who was "anybody important" owned a wig.

Barrister's Wig Free Pattern!
The stress of wearing a wig eventually became too much, and wig designs became smaller and more defined.  This was a time when the barristers wig or periwig became popular (those silly white wigs with the defined curls that men wore) , and women began opting for hair extensions over a full wig.

Then the wig took a downfall in fashion, and wasn't quite so popular for some time.  They were used only by people who had thinning, or had lost their hair.

Today, wigs are everywhere again, thanks to technology and advances in synthetic fibers. and also thanks to mega media icons.  Wigs and hair extensions have once again become a normal fashion accessory.  They are still even used as cultural practices and for social stature in some parts of the world!

So there's a brief history of fashion wigs, which leads me to my favorite part of wearing a wig, which is just for pure fun and costume!  They have been forever present in theater and movies, and are the perfect accessory to play "someone else"!  Sometimes wigs can be very cheap from the typical costume wigs that you see at Halloween to the outrageous masterpieces created by professional costume designers.

Tying all of these things together, of course there's got to be such thing as a crochet wig!  When I think of a yarn wig, I think of dolls with their yarn hair, but there are some really cool yarns out there to give you a completely different look!  But not limited to yarn type, I've even seen some wigs come to life by using special stitch work and patterns!  

I remember my very fist experience with a yarn wig.  My mother made me a "witch hair" wig for Halloween when I was a child, out of grey Phentex slipper yarn, which was perfect for a witch!  About 10 years ago, I made a black doll hair wig for myself, complete with bangs and pigtails.  It was awesome!

That's me many years ago :D
The theory behind making your own basic yarn wig is not hard at all!  You basically crochet a hat, (I prefer mesh, it's faster), and attach several pieces of measured yarn by strategically tying them onto the hat to create the look you want.  It is more time consuming than anything!

I've been scrolling through the internet, seeking cool crochet wig designs, and I've come across so many!  Not all are "free"of course, and I will only post the free ones.  But if you have time, go check out "crochet wigs" on Etsy, you won't be disappointed!

Image of Wild, Wild Red Wig



Download the Free Pattern for a Crochet Mod Wig from Crochet Today! Magazine Download the Free Pattern for a Crochet Mod Wig from Crochet Today! Magazine

Image of Cleopatra Wig

Will you make your own fun wig?  I'd love to see your creations, post them on our Facebook Wall!


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