Flower Power Shawl -free crochet pattern-

All I can say right now is WOW!  This crochet shawl pattern is not only beautiful, it's amazing!  I love the 3-dimensional flowers, the colors, the lacy appeal, I love it all!  This is not a beginner's pattern, but the designer includes a full photo tutorial, so if you have the basic stitches down, here's a great chance to advance your skill level! (This is a Ravelry download)

Designed By:  Ekin Deniz

Skill Level:  Intermediate/Advanced

Materials:  Yarn -Alize Angora Gold Batik Design (21 x 28 =10 cm.); Needles : 2.0 mm hook

Crochet techniques used:
1. Triple crochet (wrapping yarn around hook four times, finish on 5th)
2. Chain
3. Solomon’s knot (lover’s knot)
4. Elongated loop


  1. Thank you so much for this! I spent over 3 hours looking for this pattern, and there you were. Thank you, Tom

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