Finger Free Mittens

It’s nice to have your fingers free on cool days, especially when you need to quickly access your cell phone, handle items while you’re out and about, strap a child into a car seat, dig out your keys, and crochet while you’re on the city transit!

This pattern is worked from the top down, and you never need to fasten off and re-attach your yarn!  See also Convertible Mittens, Uninterrupted.

Designed By:  Farrah for 365 Crochet
Skill Level:  Easy

Yarn:  Red Heart Shimmer Worsted Weight (4) Medium, 3.5oz, 100g, 280 yd-256m (I used about half of the skein to make a pair)

Crochet Hook:  4.5mm
Gauge:  20 sc x 16 rows = 4 inches

Sl st=slip stitch
Sc=single crochet
Sc2tog = single crochet the next 2 single crochet stitches together

This pattern works from the finger opening down with the wrong side facing out.

Finger Opening (Worked in rows)

Ch5, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 3 ch, ch1, turn

Rows 1-25: sc in next 4 sc, ch1, turn.

Join the last 4sc of row 25 to the first 4 chs of finger opening by working 4 sl sts through both sides.


Top of Palm (Worked in Rounds)

Rnd 1:  Evenly work 30 sc around the finger opening at the end of the rows.

Rnds 2-11:  sc in each sc around (30sc)  Do not join, do not turn!  (Use a stitch marker at the end of each rnd if needed).

(Tip:  I really don’t like stitch marking, it seems like a waste of time when you’re in a hurry…  I just sc around and around, until I get to 300 scs, because 30sc times 10 rnds = 300 scs. I always have a pen and paper pad nearby if I get interrupted, and I write the number down where I left off.  For example:  158….better than writing down “rnd 6 and 8sts”.  I mass produce crochet for markets, this has helped me be quicker!)


Thumb Opening (Worked in Rows)

 Ch 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 3 ch, sl st in next 2sts of rnd 11 (of top of palm.) Turn.

Row 1:  sc up next 4 sc, ch1, turn.

Row 2:  sc down next  4sc, sl st in next 2 sts of rnd 11.  Turn.

Row 3:  sc up next  4sc, ch1, turn.

Row 4:  sc down next 4sc, sl st in next 2 sts of rnd 11.  Turn.
Row 5:  sc up next 4 sc, ch1, turn.

Row 6:  sc down next 4 sc.  Ch1.  Turn.

Row 7:  Sc up next 4sc, Ch1, Turn.

Row 8:  Sc down next 4sc.  Ch1.  Turn.

Row 9:  Sc up next 4sc. 

With Wrong side facing out (the side with the lines), fold thumb flap inward so that the sides match up.  Work 4 sl st through both sides toward the bottom of thumb hole to join.

Bottom of Palm (Worked in rounds)

Rnd 1:  Work 8 sc evenly across thumb hole (see photo), Continue around bottom of palm, sc in next 24sc.  Do not join.  Do not turn.

Rnds 2-11:   Sc in each sc around (32sc).  Do not join.  Do not turn.

Rnd 12:  Sc in next 8sc, sc2tog, sc in next 20sc, sc2tog (30sc).  Do not join.  Do not turn.

Rnds 13-17:  Sc in each sc around.  (30sc)  Do not join.  Do not turn.

Rnd 18:  Ch1, TURN.  Sc in each sc around.  (30sc).  Join to first sc with a sl st.


Cuff (worked in rows)

Ch 21.  Sc in 2nd ch from hook.  Sc in next 19 chs.  Sl st in next 2 sc of rnd 18 (of palm)  Turn.

Row 1:  WORKING IN BACKLOOPS FROM NOW ON…  sc up next 20 sc.  Ch1, Turn.

Row 2:  Sc down next 20 sc.  Sl st in next 2 sc of rnd 18.  Turn.

Continue repeating Row 1 and Row 2 correspondingly until you meet the first 20 chs.  Sl st through both sides to join. 


Your mitten is inside out, so turn it the right side out!

Weave in ends.

Make another one if you have two hands:)


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