ÉTUI À LUNETTES (Glasses Case)

Here is a very beautiful granny square glasses case pattern!  Make one for your sunglasses this summer!  If you're familiar with granny squares, this pattern will be a breeze!   And that's good, because this pattern is in French!  Yes, French, ...
Je ne parle pas français. If you don't speak or understand French (I do very little), you can translate this pattern at Google TranslateI've tried it!  This is a simple pattern.



  1. This glasses case is adorable! I'm going to make one this summer. Thanks

  2. sorry, where can i found the pattern ? The pdf file doesn't work.

    1. mikka, it works for me. try again, it could have been a server problem.

  3. okay, thanks. I've found it already, even started the work :) it's really nice, so thanks again.


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