Afghan Square Belts

a sq pp Free Afghan Square Belts Pattern

Orange, gold, green belt, in light-weight knitting worsted, is about 2″ wide for slipping through belt loops of jeans; length is adjustable.

SIZE: Adjustable.

MATERIALS: For hip belt: Light-weight knitting worsted, 4-ply sport yarn, or wool and Shetland wool, 1 oz. each of orange (A), gold (B) and green (C). Steel crochet hook size 0. (Or English aluminum size 10.)

For waist belt: Unpolished jute, such as Lily Mills Jute-Tone, (1) 4-oz. spool each of rose (A), pink (B) and red (C). Aluminum crochet hook size I (Or English size 5.)

GAUGE: Each small square = 1-3/4″; each large square = 3-1/2″.

Notes: Directions are the same for both belts. Hook size and yarn determine size of square. Squares are worked tightly to minimize stretching. When changing colors, work over all short ends of yarn to hide them. Work over short ends when crocheting edging.


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